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In a world flooded with technology and fleeting information, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Our minds are bombarded with data, our creativity stifled by screens. We create and even the most important news are ephemeral – gone after their 15seconds of fame

This is where RAM comes in.
It’s more than just aesthetics – it’s about communication. When you interact with it, it projects your creations onto the sand’s surface, sparking a dialogue between a user and a machine. This instant feedback loop not only enhances the creative process but also invites collaboration and exploration.

The applications of RAM are as diverse as the sands themselves.
From educational tools that aid in learning retention (we know that writing by hand enhances memory) to architectural simulations that bring blueprints to life, RAM is a versatile companion.
Using sand has its perks: it helps users relax, aids in learning , and fosters creativity through collaboration with the machine – analog but digital, real-time, off screens.
With it’s algorithm, RAM can process and understand the user’s gestures in the sand and translate them to the correct answer by application, making it easier for users to and create in a new way combining and harnessing the technology for good, by our side.
Join me in exploring the possibilities with RAM.
Let’s see where the sand takes us!

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