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Software needs Design

How design-driven evolution will make your app awesome.

Design has long been neglected in the digital world. From “pushing pixels” to “quickly making it pretty”, often the focus lay only on graphic design and technical implementation. But design can do so much more …

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” Steve Jobs

With “design-driven evolution”, we have developed a method that helps to continuously develop the best software in a practical way and without BS. With psychological and technological awareness, we not only define the superficial elements of software but accompany the entire development process.

On a multifaceted day, we will take a deep look into the design process behind successful software:

Keynote “Software needs Design”
Christoph Kolb, Managing Director, Wahnsinn Design
Chris has been designing software for over 20 years. Along the way, he has picked up a thing or two. Among other things, why all users are stupid, or not. Why without feedback it can only go bad. Why you can’t measure frustration and why cheating is allowed.

Live podcast “Better with design”
Alexander Hachmann, Christoph Kolb
In a special episode of their new design podcast “Besser mit Design”, Alex and Chris talk about why software needs design and answer questions from the audience.

Designsprechstunde (consultation) live
Christoph Kolb
In an intense hour, Chris gives live design feedback on software from the audience. Take a look at how design-led evolution can be applied in your day-to-day development.

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