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System Mapping as a co-creative Design Method

Visualizing and resolving complex challenges together

Systems mapping is more than just a tool—it’s a way of viewing the world. At its core, systems mapping involves drawing connections. It helps us see not only the trees but also the forest; not just the stars but also the constellation.
By understanding the interconnected components of systems, we can tackle root causes, and identify sustainable solutions that without generating new problems.

This talk is designed for anyone seeking to apply systems mapping to complex challenges, offering a pathway to deeper understanding and more effective problem-solving.

Faced with complex challenges, whether in business, environmental management, or personal growth, understanding the underlying system is key to discovering sustainable solutions. Systems mapping is a powerful tool in this pursuit, enabling the visualization and analysis of the components and interactions within any system. By mapping out the elements of a system and their interactions, we can pinpoint leverage points for change, understand the flow of resources or information, and anticipate the outcomes of our actions.

In this interactive talk, we will explore the process of systems mapping, outline common preparatory steps, and finally, you will have the opportunity to apply your newly acquired knowledge.

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