Next Edition: May 10.—18., 2025

Spontaneous, adaptable and yet personal.
The Wanderbox 2.0 taps into the current zeitgeist and presents a furnishing concept for the modern nomad. In a compact 1.12m2 (L | H | W 2 | 1.4 | 0.4m) there is space for a pull-out bed incl. mattress (width 1.4m), a table, two benches, two shelves, two clothes rails and lockable storage space. There is also space for other personal items (e.g. bicycle, books, music system…) When closed, the “travelling box” is robust, space-saving and designed for easy transport. Instead of constantly buying new disposable furniture, which is expensive and harmful to the environment, the Wanderbox favours simplicity, quality and reuse for generations.