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Material Hub

Als nachhaltiger, zirkulärer Baumarkt in die Zukunft

The Material Hub is a place where people can hand in and receive used materials. It is intended to be set up in the immediate vicinity of the hardware store to create a low-threshold and complementary offer. The hub aims to provide a framework in which reuse of used materials become part of everyday life to foster the long-term circular use of materials and conserve resources. At the same time, the hub provides information about other events organized by Berlin stakeholders to create a network. The hub itself is also an event venue where actors conduct workshops on topics such as circular design. The interior itself is designed with upcycling designers to encourage upcycling and DIY. The cooperation will use established systems to achieve a faster transition to a circular economy. In the long term, it is envisaged that the Material Hub will be dissolved and integrated as an internal concept so that DIY stores become circular DIY stores.

The concept was developed out of Marlón Escobar Saupe’s master’s thesis based on twenty interviews and system design. The project is presented at Berlin Design Week with concept posters and a vision of how used materials will be used in everyday life in 2030. There is also a participation opportunity where you can imagine how a Material Hub should look like in your neighborhood.

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