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Ton and Elmo: Common language of design and craftsmanship

Ton presents its new visual identity

After twenty years we have decided to change our visual identity. The company name no longer appears in capital letters, and the famous chair number 14 has also disappeared from the logo.

The new central element of the logo is the middle letter “o”, inspired by a circle. This graphic design represents several values and characteristics of the Ton brand – the technology of wood bending, the emphasis on sustainability, or the passage of a piece of wood through our production. And last but not least, it represents the importance of our products, which bring people together in a circle of friends or family.

New colors and fabrics

The new visual identity includes new colors and fabrics that do not copy rapidly changing fashion trends, but rather reflect the essence of the company. The focus is on wool, recycled wool, polyester, and leather. In addition, the current design is complemented by five brand new oil surface treatments.


When it comes to leather, we work closely with the Swedish quality brand Elmo. The modern Elmo tannery produces extremely high-quality leather and makes no compromises in terms of sustainability and environmental protection during production.

Highlight of the event: New variation of the legend from the Swedish studio Claesson Koivisto Rune.

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