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The sound of BVG

Creating the BVG Audio Branding

BVG, Germany’s largest public transport company, transports 1 billion passengers through the capital every year. The BVG’s visual identity and communication are concise and a role model for many transport companies. The BVG is yellow but loves it colorful. And that’s exactly what the new sound of the city sounds like now.
The core idea of the sound is inspired by Berlin. The city represents a diversity of lifestyles, cultures and gender identities. The BVG combines this diversity, accompanies people through this colorful metropolis and offers them a stage.
Countless voices from this city were recorded for the audio branding. Sung and spoken. The voices are accompanied by an instrument that sounds as rough and warm as the typical Berlin tone: the bass clarinet.
No instrument can intone the human voice and Berlin slang as well as she can.
As a perfect complement to the sound, a unique brand voice was cast for BVG: Philippa. Transgender, rough and warm.
But the new acoustic brand identity should not only be unique, but also function barrier-free. Therefore, extensive user research was carried out in advance. This allowed us to understand how sound and voices are perceived in public transport and what the needs of the individual stakeholders are. During the course of the project, the warning tones and voices developed were intensively tested again and again with everyone involved in vehicles and on platforms.
The BVG brand voice Philippa will be present at the event and answer questions.

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